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Posted on October 26, 2011 in book/layout, recent work

All Rights Reserved Literacy Journal & Association is Halifax’s only independent, non-profit literary association. Its mandate is to provide a voice to the artistic community while embracing quality of expression. They publish a yearly journal of original prose & poetry—this year it’s being made available as an online .pdf—which I’ve designed with screen reading in mind.

Presenting: All Rights Reserved’s 2011 literary journal, Rejuvenation! As with the literary submissions, the artwork for these journals is sourced through an open submission process. The artist chosen for this edition is an impressive 15 year old from the UK—Eleanor Leonne Bennett—who supplied all of the photography.

Click the image to download the full edition.

All Rights Reserved’s 2011 literary journal, Rejuvenation.

All Rights Reserved’s 2011 literary journal, Rejuvenation.

This is volunteer work for me in my role as creative director for the association. A fun project where I have liberal creative licence.

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