Say Uncle!

Here's a fun new t-shirt design we came up with for Uncle Leo's Brewery. These will be available for the Christmas season at the storefront in Lyon's Brook, Nova Scotia. (more…)Read More

The Bloom Program

The Bloom program is a new initiative funded by the Nova Scotia provincial government and administered by a team from the College of Pharmacy at Dalhousie University. Offered at 20 pharmacies across Nova Scotia, the Bloom Program aims to improve the health and quality of life of people living with mental…Read More

Souris Beach Gateway Park

This summer, the town of Souris, P.E.I. opened a new public beachfront area. This is an entrance to the Souris Beach, which now has a long boardwalk and an array of shops and eateries at the entrance to the town overlooking Colville Bay and the ferry terminal. Pinwheel Communication Design…Read More

A family affair

Here is a really fun project we put together for the Mi'kmaw Conservation Group. We were asked to produce an interactive web-based learning game, targeted at children to educate them about conservation and the "riparian zone". The MCG provided all of the text and direction for this, and we produced the graphics, interactive…Read More

Go Canada Lounge

For this year's Olympics, the Canada Games Centre and RBC have setup the Go Canada Lounge and we were brought in to design the graphic elements for this space. The Go Canada Lounge is a shared space at the Canada Games Centre where guests can support, celebrate and cheer on…Read More

Holiday Crafting

This year, we decided to send a little holiday package to our clients. This package included a winter holiday card, a standard HB pencil,  a thumbtack, and a square card with instructions on how to build it into your very own pinwheel! Hopefully, a fun diversion from the holiday stress. See the…Read More

Uncle Leos Brewery

Here's an exciting new client of ours. A brand new craft brewer in Lyon's Brook (near Pictou) Nova Scotia! Over the last few months we've been working on a website, packaging design (boxes and labels) as well as incidental signage including some vintage style tin signs (below). Uncle Leo himself was a great uncle…Read More

Josh & Jedd’s fish & chips

My friend Josh and his partner Jedd bought themselves a fish and chips truck this summer. Everyone's childhood dream, I know! In exchange for some good eating, I designed a logo & sign for them. Look for Josh & Jedd's fish & chips on Argyle Street on top of Parade…Read More

Halifax 2011 Canada Games – Commemorative DVD set

One of the final projects I worked on for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games was to design and produce a three disk commemorative DVD set. This included the various promotional videos and commercial spots produced for the Games, video documentation of events & highlights, photo slideshows from the Games, the…Read More

Athlete bib designs

Another exciting project for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games was designing the bibs worn by athletes during competiton. There were about twenty variations on this but it was essentially the same design—with modifications on size and style for particular sports. See a sampling of the design mockups below, and some…Read More

Brick vinyl application

Among the many interesting projects that I've worked on for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games was building or wall applied artwork. A unique approach to this a high performance vinyl designed for application on rough textured surfaces. These were applied directly to brick walls on either side of one of the entrances to…Read More

Halifax 2011 Canada Games – commemorative gift

The Halifax 2011 Canada Games wanted to produce a unique, custom gift item to present to the Provincial Sport Ministers, and various VIPs for their contribution to the Games. I designed this in collaboration with local company, Yachtsmith International who fabricated the torch for us. It's about five inches tall, and sits…Read More