Clean Temple Wellness Studio

Posted on February 9, 2012 in brochures, logos/identity, recent work, web design

Located in a historic building in Downtown Halifax, Clean Temple Wellness Studio offers a nutrition based approach to achieving optimal health during all stages of life. Their services include nutrition & lifestyle consultations, weight-loss, workshops in cleansing, detoxification, digestion & candida elimination.

Pinwheel was tasked with developing the brand identity including logo, cards, brochures, office documents, signage, and the web presence for this new business. The studio is run by Holistic Nutritional Consultant Anne Pryde—who also happens to be my lovely and amazing wife!

The imagery we developed for the Clean Temple logo brings to mind ideas of growth & renewal, health & vibrancy, a supportive community and nature & balance. It was important that the overall presentation of this identity be professional, clean and somewhat medical, while maintaining a welcoming, open and down-to-earth appeal.

At it’s core, this business is all about food. Helping people to make healthier & more informed food choices, alleviating symptoms that are caused by what we eat, sharing a love of cooking & good eating, and supporting the many quality local providers here in Nova Scotia.

This is a great thing. And, I’m excited for a long life of fantastic healthy eating.


Clean Temple Wellness Studio - business cards

Clean Temple Wellness Studio - business cards


Clean Temple Wellness Studio - rack card

Clean Temple Wellness Studio - rack card


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3618 Rosemeade Ave.
Halifax, NS
B3K 4L7

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