Gillis & Company Timber Frames

Posted on October 15, 2012 in recent work, web design

This summer, I produced a website for a very interesting client—Gillis & Company Timber Frames—who specialize in custom timber frame home design and construction. The product they offer is gorgeous. Handcrafted, high quality, combining heavy-duty traditional joinery and techniques with modern design. Their site features some striking photography that I encourage you to check out.

This is also the first website I’ve produced which is responsive. This is a modern approach to web design in which a site will adapt to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation—across a range of devices (from desktop computers to tablets to mobile phones). The website layout will effectively adapt to whatever device it’s being viewed on. This is an ideal product for my clients because they can provide ubiquitous content and information to their customers (regardless of the device they’re using) while still maintaining a single—easy to update and maintain—website.

I’ve been really enjoying responsive design, and am currently working on a few more responsive sites—so stay tuned!

Gillis & Company Timber Frames - Designs

Gillis & Company Timber Frames – Designs

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