Osha Mae Soap – label designs

Posted on January 9, 2011 in recent work

For a few years now I’ve been doing the identity and label design for a fantastic local business: Osha Mae Soap. I’ve been meaning to post images of this work for a long time now and add it to my online portfolio.

Osha Mae produces an artisan soap using organic Nova Scotia oils, pure essential oils, medicinal herbal additives and without synthetics or animal fats. All soap bars are hand crafted in small batches by a cold soap making process. They smell amazing and it’s the only soap my family uses.

The label designs are intentionally rustic, yet professional and consistent across a wide range of inventory. Each soap or product label features a unique plant image—which is typically the prominent ingredient. The labels and soap wraps are printed in house, on sticker and craft paper.

You can find Osha Mae Soap at Halifax’s new Seaport Farmer’s Market and her product is available at Pete’s Frootique among many other local shops and markets.

Osha Mae Soap labels

Osha Mae Soap labels

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