Reeling in Revenue

Posted on September 10, 2014 in book/layout, recent work

This is a report summary we designed for the the Marine Issues Committee of the Ecology Action Centre. According to the study, Canada’s recreational live-release fishery has the potential to generate six times more revenue, per tonne, than its commercial counterpart.

From the report:

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is an iconic marine species. It is highly prized by both recreational and commercial fisherman as a furious fighter on the line and a top commodity in the sashimi trade. The bluefin tuna fishery provides economic opportunities in many parts of the world, with the western population of Atlantic bluefin tuna providing an important source of economic activity in Canada’s Atlantic provinces. However, the population of western Atlantic bluefin is at just 36% of the 1970s level with overfishing ranking as the leading cause of this decline. In order to allow this severely depleted population to grow and to support higher levels of fishing in the future, it is critical that catch limits are not increased until the population is rebuilt and science indicates that the population can withstand additional pressure.

See the report summary we designed here.

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