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Posted on November 28, 2010 in Canada Games, recent work, various

If you’ve ever been to a Canada Games, you’ll know that Pins are a big deal. Each Games will produce dozens of custom pin designs and the individual provinces and participating organizations bring their own pins to the event. People buy, collect and trade them and are generally mad for them.

For the Halifax Games, we produced a “mobile pin unit” — an easily transportable retail booth (the kind you might see at an industry tradeshow) which will move from venue to venue showcasing and selling pins.

This weekend, the booth was set up for a test event in Halifax. The intention of this design is to give the pin program a retail appeal, while maintaining a strong connection to the established Halifax 2011 brand. The background map displays the history of the Canada Games host cities as a fun interactive element.

I’m particularly proud of the bilingual wordmark. Clever, no?

Retail Pin Booth

Retail Pin podium, booth and detail.

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