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A family affair

Here is a really fun project we put together for the Mi'kmaw Conservation Group. We were asked to produce an interactive web-based learning game, targeted at children to educate them about conservation and the "riparian zone". The MCG provided all of the text and direction for this, and we produced the graphics, interactive (Flash) game, and voiceovers. I enlisted the help of my…Read More

Working for CBC

I've recently finished a two-year stint working as Regional Website Developer for CBC Nova Scotia. This was a great experience. I learned a lot about coding and got to work with a great team of developers from across the country. Some of the most interesting work was doing data visualization for online news. Here are a few of my favourite projects…Read More

CBC Marketplace – Guess That Price!

Here is a really fun project I got to work on for CBC's Marketplace. They wanted an interactive game to compliment a recent episode  of the show called Price Tag Confidential where they investigated the real reasons we (Canadians) pay more than Americans for everything. For this project, I worked with another developer from Regina (Andre Mougeot) - and we designed…Read More

All Rights Reserved – Rejuvenation

All Rights Reserved Literacy Journal & Association is Halifax’s only independent, non-profit literary association. Its mandate is to provide a voice to the artistic community while embracing quality of expression. They publish a yearly journal of original prose & poetry—this year it's being made available as an online .pdf—which I've designed with screen reading in mind. Presenting: All Rights Reserved’s 2011…Read More

Anni & Sammi – Official mascots of the Halifax 2011 Canada Games

Today was the official launch of the mascot program for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games. Along with that, we've launched a website for the mascots - Anni & Sammi. [caption id="attachment_161" align="aligncenter" width="610" caption="annisammi2011.ca"][/caption] This was a great project to work on. It's a fun site with interactive games, a colouring book, photos, a "Kennel Club" you can join... And…Read More

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