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Souris Beach Gateway Park

This summer, the town of Souris, P.E.I. opened a new public beachfront area. This is an entrance to the Souris Beach, which now has a long boardwalk and an array of shops and eateries at the entrance to the town overlooking Colville Bay and the ferry terminal. Pinwheel Communication Design was brought in to design signage for the park. This…Read More

02.2011 Boutique

This month was the grand opening the the 02.2011 Boutique—the Halifax 2011 Canada Games retail merchandise store. The store is located in Barrington Place shops, which is connected to the busy Scotia Square mall in downtown Halifax by a heavily trafficked pedway. To support the launch and exposure of the store, we designed unique storefront signage in window decals—distinct from the…Read More

Waste diversion signage

'Waste diversion' is the industry term for garbage signs. For the Halifax 2011 Canada Games, we created unique waste diversion signage to be used in all of our venues. Since the 2011 Games actually take place across the province—and different municipalities have different rules for waste sorting—it was decided to create a generic set of signs (and rules) which work…Read More

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