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Media backdrop

You've seen them a million times, but what you might not know is why they always have that same repeating pattern of logos. There is a functional reason: It's so that no matter what angle you take a photo from, there will always be a full logo visible in the background. Sneaky. Here is what I designed for the Halifax…Read More

Gamestime billboards, busboards & transit shelter posters.

The Halifax 2011 Canada Games are in full swing and I've caught my breath enough to post a few designs that are in market right now. We've got a campaign that includes transit shelter posters, busboards, and billboards of various sizes throughout the HRM. The concept mirrors the television spots which are on air now, focusing on the "it" factor—the motivating force—behind the…Read More

02.2011 Boutique – Paper doll print ad

This is a fun little print ad promoting the Halifax 2011 Canada Games gameswear. These ads ran in the Chronicle Herald and Le Courier several weeks ago, and variations on this design are in print again this weekend. Watch for them!Read More

I made the Canadian Design Resource!

I've been a big fan of this site for a while now. The Canadian Design Resource is a constantly expanding library of Canadian design and material culture. It's a blog/archive of Canadian Design—product, graphic, craft, etc.. The 2011 Halifax Canada Games torch was posted yesterday. I'm thrilled to see it up there. A little piece of Canadian cultural history.Read More

Halifax 2011 Canada Games – medals kiosk

This is an interactive photo kiosk, installed now at the Halifax Airport, which showcases the Halifax 2011 Canada Games medal designs. The medal designs were the result of an open competition which was won by local students, Amber Whyley and Marlon Solis. The kiosk design includes the freestanding backdrop which features descriptive reading information on the side, as well as the…Read More

02.2011 Boutique

This month was the grand opening the the 02.2011 Boutique—the Halifax 2011 Canada Games retail merchandise store. The store is located in Barrington Place shops, which is connected to the busy Scotia Square mall in downtown Halifax by a heavily trafficked pedway. To support the launch and exposure of the store, we designed unique storefront signage in window decals—distinct from the…Read More

2011 Canada Games – luggage tags

Doing design work for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games I've been fortunate to experience a very wide and unique array of projects—everything from billboards to baggage tags. And, often it's the "little things" that I'm excited about. For these Games, we produced a variety of custom luggage tags for the traveling athletes, contingents and VIPs. Individual tags were designed and produced…Read More

Holiday billboards

Some fun holiday billboards promoting tickets for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games that we designed are now looming over Halifax. These are actually superboards—longer than standard billboards—and some of the largest scale media you'll find in Atlantic Canada. The billboards also feature the design for the Games passes (in the lower left). I'll be sure to post those soon! [caption id="attachment_538"…Read More

I designed a torch!

[caption id="attachment_370" align="alignright" width="219" caption="Halifax 2011 Canada Games torch"][/caption] I'm really proud of this. I've had the opportunity through my employment with the Halifax 2011 Canada Games Host Society to design the 2011 games torch. I'm excited to see the impact and exposure that the torch is going to have over the next year and it's just a great legacy…Read More

Eastern Kings Sport Council

The Eastern Kings Sports Council is a group of volunteers who are committed to enhancing sport, recreation and physical activity in the region. They came to me for a logo and this is one of the rare occasions when I get it right on the first try. No revisions, they loved it. [caption id="attachment_220" align="aligncenter" width="610" caption="Eastern Kings Sport Council…Read More

2011 Canada Games athlete cutouts

I designed some freestanding athlete cutouts for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games. These were created for the volunteer kick-off and one year to go countdown celebrations over the last week. We produced ten each of the three versions. The gold signs are attached by velcro so they can be easily replaced with current, relevant messaging. [caption id="attachment_203" align="aligncenter" width="610" caption="2011 Halifax…Read More

Anni & Sammi – Official mascots of the Halifax 2011 Canada Games

Today was the official launch of the mascot program for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games. Along with that, we've launched a website for the mascots - Anni & Sammi. [caption id="attachment_161" align="aligncenter" width="610" caption="annisammi2011.ca"][/caption] This was a great project to work on. It's a fun site with interactive games, a colouring book, photos, a "Kennel Club" you can join... And…Read More

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