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Anni & Sammi vehicle wrap

Anni & Sammi—mascots for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games—are riding in style with their very own RV to take them from venue to venue during the Games this February. We designed this vehicle wrap artwork for the RV to mirror the look of their website: annisammi2011.ca which I've described in an earlier post. The vinyl wrap was printed and applied…Read More

2011 Canada Games – luggage tags

Doing design work for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games I've been fortunate to experience a very wide and unique array of projects—everything from billboards to baggage tags. And, often it's the "little things" that I'm excited about. For these Games, we produced a variety of custom luggage tags for the traveling athletes, contingents and VIPs. Individual tags were designed and produced…Read More

Colchester Active Transportation Week

[caption id="attachment_468" align="alignnone" width="610" caption="Colchester Active Transportation Week street banner"][/caption] This is a twenty foot long street banner for Move On Colchester Active Transportation Week. They wanted something they could reuse every year, without specific dates. We settled on sort of a variation or expansion of the Move On Colchester logo, which I designed in September 2009.Read More

Move On Colchester logo

New logo design for "Move On Colchester". A community-based campaign aimed at advancing the wider use of active transportation in the Colchester region. Of the four options I gave them, they chose my preference and I'm very pleased with the final result. [caption id="attachment_122" align="aligncenter" width="610" caption="Move On Colchester Logo"][/caption] Some notes from the design pitch: Displaying a range of…Read More

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