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Halifax 2011 Canada Games – Corporate report

Yesterday, the Halifax 2011 Canada Games released the Final Corporate Report for this past winter's successful event. This report was a privilege to work on with such a great resource of amazing photography from Games time. It's a beautiful, colourful, 9.5 x 7.5 inch book peppered with full page photos which are paired with memorable quotes from the event. I had completed most…Read More

Halifax 2011 Canada Games – Commemorative DVD set

One of the final projects I worked on for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games was to design and produce a three disk commemorative DVD set. This included the various promotional videos and commercial spots produced for the Games, video documentation of events & highlights, photo slideshows from the Games, the National Artist Program Gala performance as well as TSN's coverage…Read More

Celebration Square stage

For the two weeks of the Halifax 2011 Canada Games, there was a stage setup in downtown Halifax at Parade Square—dubbed "Celebration Square" for the duration of the Games. I was tasked with design of the surrounding banners. This design featured silhouettes of dancers and fans which mixed with real shadows during the shows to enhance the fun, party atmosphere…Read More

Halifax 2011 Canada Games – Souvenir program

The Souvenir Program for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games was provided to each participant and given out at various venues and events throughout the Games. This is a full glossy, eighty page magazine style publication, fully bilingual throughout. The program contains general information about Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Canada Games, as well as information on the sports, venues, cultural events,…Read More

Foldout sport schedule

For the Halifax 2011 Canada Games we produced a detailed sport schedule which was handed out to the general public throughout the two weeks of the Games. This was a challenge, to reduce what is a very complex schedule—for 22 different sports at 13 separate venues—to a simplified and unified chart. Each sport has it's own particularities, so maintaining a…Read More

Athlete bib designs

Another exciting project for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games was designing the bibs worn by athletes during competiton. There were about twenty variations on this but it was essentially the same design—with modifications on size and style for particular sports. See a sampling of the design mockups below, and some of my favourite action photos taken during the Games which…Read More

Three pole gantry

I designed a few of these for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games. The particular product is called a three pole gantry. This was located in Parade Square, in front of Halifax's City Hall. The design features a different athlete image on each of the three sides. [caption id="attachment_690" align="alignnone" width="610" caption="three pole gantry"][/caption]Read More

Brick vinyl application

Among the many interesting projects that I've worked on for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games was building or wall applied artwork. A unique approach to this a high performance vinyl designed for application on rough textured surfaces. These were applied directly to brick walls on either side of one of the entrances to the Halifax Metro Centre. The vinyl is heat set, and moulds…Read More

Gamestime billboards, busboards & transit shelter posters.

The Halifax 2011 Canada Games are in full swing and I've caught my breath enough to post a few designs that are in market right now. We've got a campaign that includes transit shelter posters, busboards, and billboards of various sizes throughout the HRM. The concept mirrors the television spots which are on air now, focusing on the "it" factor—the motivating force—behind the…Read More

02.2011 Boutique – Paper doll print ad

This is a fun little print ad promoting the Halifax 2011 Canada Games gameswear. These ads ran in the Chronicle Herald and Le Courier several weeks ago, and variations on this design are in print again this weekend. Watch for them!Read More

I made the Canadian Design Resource!

I've been a big fan of this site for a while now. The Canadian Design Resource is a constantly expanding library of Canadian design and material culture. It's a blog/archive of Canadian Design—product, graphic, craft, etc.. The 2011 Halifax Canada Games torch was posted yesterday. I'm thrilled to see it up there. A little piece of Canadian cultural history.Read More

Holiday billboards

Some fun holiday billboards promoting tickets for the Halifax 2011 Canada Games that we designed are now looming over Halifax. These are actually superboards—longer than standard billboards—and some of the largest scale media you'll find in Atlantic Canada. The billboards also feature the design for the Games passes (in the lower left). I'll be sure to post those soon! [caption id="attachment_538"…Read More

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