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Posted on October 11, 2013 in CBC, recent work, web design, what's new?

I’ve recently finished a two-year stint working as Regional Website Developer for CBC Nova Scotia. This was a great experience. I learned a lot about coding and got to work with a great team of developers from across the country.

Some of the most interesting work was doing data visualization for online news. Here are a few of my favourite projects that I worked on:


CBC Nova Scotia put in a request for all the data of speeding tickets over one year, and I analyzed and mapped the data in this fun, filterable map revealing speed trap locations throughout the city.


A data visualization of speeding tickets in HRM


During the previous Municipal Elections, I developed this system to enter and display live results for all municipalities and races in the province.


Nova Scotia municipal elections coverage


This was a fun and ambitious project, working with a team we produced this online special report on the Cogswell Interchange. A multimedia-rich magazine-style piece.


A special report on the Cogswell Interchange


Relating to an ongoing story, we were provided a list of banned licence plates in Nova Scotia. I created this fun interactive where users can enter words and test them against the list—bringing out the junior high humour!


Banned licence plates in Nova Scotia

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